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Research EU and National projects

We have extensive experience in implementing multi-national and national / E.U. funded research projects and brings forward extensive experience & technical capacity in ehealth applications development, large-scale pilot implementations on health, integrated care, and the Silver economy as well as business planning of sustainable cases. 

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Personal Allergy Tracer

Integrated, crowdsourcing e-Health system for continuous monitoring and inttelligent detection of the outbreak of allergic illness

Develop a mobile app and use the vida24 to better control and manage seasonal symptoms in allergic diseases and support professionals to decision making in the allergy related medical sector.


Develop of a smart triage system, that dynamically assigns priorities to patients in the ER using wearable biosensors

The wearable biosensors’ system measures multiple parameters, such as blood glucose, and breathing rate and can store, transfer and present them through a web interface or a mobile application

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A digital platform for telemonitoring of athletes’ biological signs, via wearable sensors.

Design and develop innovative tools and applications for remote management of medical data in the direction of sports medicine.


Smart platform for self-management and support of patients with chronic respiratory diseases

The project focuses on the research and development of an innovative system of personalized monitoring services for respiratory diseases through the combination of clinical research and new bio-indicators with innovative ICT technologies.

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Develop cloud infrastructure and ehealth services in the form of PHR, e-referral, e-prescribing and patient monitoring

State of the art technologies are used to provide a PHR solution over a cloud infrastructure.

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Using new 3D devices to print internal organs models can help a surgeon plan to optimize a scheduled surgical operations

Develop a web collaborative intelligent tool for professionals to exchange informations in order to create a 3D transplant


Integrated health care pathways and management of polypharmacy for activeand healthy ageing

Develop, implement and evaluate integrated health and social care pathways for active and healthy ageing in 5 EU Cities


Standard services of medical assessment, prevention and stratification for recruits in armed forces and evaluation of health indicators

In the Armed Forces, for each recruit a digital health file will be created by the staff of the Classification Unit , where their demographics as well as the family and medical history will be filled.


The TEC-MED program aims to support the elderly suffering from chronic diseases and lack of family support.

The secondary beneficiaries are social welfare institutions and NGOs which provide them assistance.

Vodafone Telemedicine Project

Τhe Vodafone Foundation Telemedicine Program, in 100 remote areas of Greece

The program uses the vida24 solution and offers to GP advisory support from cardiologists and pulmonologists

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Chronic disease management focus on positive health, prevention, empowerment and self-management using vidame

Develop a chronic disease prevention, self-management and empowerment mobile app based on TTM model and positive psychology piloted by 4 EU Cities

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Self - management of diabetes type II using VIDAME mobile app

Integrated care pathways and personalized behavior change methods

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Intelligent teleMedicine Platform for locomotive and balance RehabilitatiOn based-On Virtual rEality.

The project is focused to athletes and patients who suffered from an injury and to the elderly with kinetics problems. Personalized exercises for each patient, will be guided by VR / AR experiences, while the system will use this knowledge when the patient leaves from the recovery unit.